Secure Covers® for silage clamps


Secure Covers® make sheeting up silage clamps quick, clean and easy. Made from tough interlocked knitted HDPE, Secure Covers are used over silage sheets and fixed in place using Secure Gravel Bags


Once fitted, Secure Covers' unique construction disperses wind gusts ensuring that the silage sheet remains in place on the silage pit.


Flexible Secure Covers reduce surface waste by keeping the silage sheet in close contact with the silage surface. The finely knitted mesh helps to prevent bird damage to the silage sheet and when pulled down, stops birds feeding on the feed face.


Testimonials for Secure Covers

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Sizes of Secure Covers
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Silage protection without tyres

  • Labour saving
  • Flexible non-fray knit – 300g/m2
  • Reduces waste
  • Reduces bird damage
  • No tyre wire problems
  • Gravel bags for a superior seal
  • 16 sizes
  • 10 year full UV stability guarantee
  • Standard delivery 3 working days

Strong and secure


Secure Covers are so strong that they can prevent damage to the silage sheet from cats, dogs, people and even cattle. Read more about the benefits of using Secure Covers on:

Why choose Secure Covers?

What farmers say about Secure Covers...


Michael Howie

"Secure Covers are the most cost effective covers. I have used other covers but vermin peck holes in them, but not with Secure Covers. We need quality silage therefore we need quality covers"

Michael Howie, near Morpeth, Northumberland.

David Tomlinson of Bilsborrow Hall Farm in Preston recommends Secure Covers for keeping silage better than tyres

"Secure Covers are labour saving and save time when sheeting the clamp. They are better than tyres and keep the silage better, we use them both inside as well as out."

David Tomlinson, Bilsborrow Hall Farm, Preston.

Secure Covers helped us get the best out of our silage says Stuart Harvey from Dumfriesshire

“Secure Covers have helped us get the best out of our silage. We have tried others but Secure Covers are easier to put on, do not slip and will not lift in the wind.”

Stuart Harvey, Drum, Beeswing, Dumfriesshire

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What farmers say about us
What farmers say about Secure Covers wind breaks, silage covers and shades
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